Thoughts in the company name

As people live

“Move” that is absolutely necessary

More comfortable

More fun

I want to make it more meaningful

Create a mechanism for this

Design that depicts people way of life

Engineering built by technology

By this “fusion

I want to be the “key” that opens up a new world

Design value of “movement”

Discover new possibilities in technology & know-how

 Five senses as an element that adds value to movement
 Detection / judgment / control & system integration
More comfortably!

Add new value to materials & materials, materials & construction methods

 Usage & environment assumed by materials / construction methods
 With new usage that goes beyond that frame, it is even more fun!

Embody ideas / build mechanisms

 The need to disseminate ideas widely to the world
 Creating a shape by design
 Integrate functionality & performance through engineering
 Make it more meaningful by creating & moving the mechanism!

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